Recruitment Services

For Clients

We aim to save clients time, and to find better candidates than you could on your own. A substantial database of candidates, including many exclusively registered with us, combined with a thorough vetting and screening process before we send them on an interview, means that clients like you will only receive the best and most qualified applicants.

This saves you the stress of competing in a job market increasingly short of talent.

In addition, we offer a specialist executive search service for positions which cannot be filled directly from our database. Our team of Candidate Resourcers maintain relationships with large numbers of passive candidates who are not currently active in the market, but who have indicated a willingness to move for the right position. We also source talent from beyond our database if the position calls for someone unique.

Clients gain a competitive advantage by accessing these passive and sourced candidates through Sanctuary. As we know the best potential candidates are not always actively looking as they are well looked after in their current workspaces.

For Candidates

Having an in-depth and accurate understanding of the job market in aged care, we can save you time by knowing where the jobs are, how best to prepare for the interview, and we can support you when it comes to discussions regarding remuneration and career progression. We don’t submit your resume to anyone without your permission. You can apply for roles directly through our website, but if you don’t see anything that appeals to you, you can submit your resume to us without applying. If there are no immediate matches, we keep your resume on file and contact you when the opportunities do come up

 If you are not currently looking to move, but are interested in being kept informed about market development then please speak to us about our Non-Active option.

Feel free to contact us at 02 8459 8101 Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30